Amgen Chem-Bio-Engineering Awards (CBEAs)

The Amgen Chem-Bio-Engineering Awards (CBEAs) were established as part of an institute-wide collaboration agreement between Caltech and Amgen. The CBEAs are an internal grant funding program that provides research funds for basic research projects that may be of mutual interest to Amgen and Caltech. CBEAs provide one year of support of $125,000 in direct costs. Applications for 2015 should be submitted by August 1st, 2016 to David Mayo at OSR with a copy to Corporate Research ( The selection will be made by a selection committee consisting of both Caltech and Amgen representatives.  The Proposal should be 2-4 pages including a budget and a statement of work for one year.  In exchange for the research support Amgen receives a non-exclusive research-use license and a first option to negotiate for a royalty-bearing commercial-use license for the term of the agreement.

Questions about the application process and the areas of interest for Amgen please contact Reza Rezavi

Questions about intellectual property provisions please contact Case Cortese