Entrepreneurship and Business Courses for Caltech's Students

"Entrepreneurship is not about starting a business. Entrepreneurship is an approach to life. It is about leaving footprints." - Ed Zschau

Caltech offers a variety of courses focused on or related to business and entrepreneurship.

E 102 ab: Science- and Technology-Based Entrepreneurship
This course teaches the basics about starting and working for a young technology company, and teaches critical lessons—which are important to know early in one's career—about working in technology companies. 

E/ME 103: Management of Technology
In this course, students review case studies of companies that commercialize rapidly evolving technologies, and work in teams to determine the factors underpinning the success of these companies.

E/ME 105 ab: Product Design for the Developing World
Product Design for the Developing World spans two terms at Caltech, one semester at Art Center College of Design, and one term at a collaborating foreign institution. This course focuses on designing useful products for impoverished populations.

BEM 110: Venture Capital
An introduction to the theory and practice of venture capital financing of start-ups. This course covers the underlying economic principles and theoretical models relevant to the venture investment process, as well as the standard practices used by industry and detailed examples. Topics include: The history of VC; stages of financing; financial returns to private equity; LBOs and MBOs; people versus ideas; biotech; IPOs; and CEO transitions. 

BEM 150: Business Analytics
This class teaches how to use very large, cross-media datasets to infer what variables influence choices and trends of economic and business interest. Topics include database management, cleaning and visualization of data, statistical and machine learning methods, natural language processing, social and conventional media, personal sensors and devices, sentiment analysis, and controlled collection of data (including experiments). Grades are based on hands-on data analysis homework assignments and detailed analysis of one dataset.

ChE/BE 112: Design, Invention, and Fundamentals of Microfluidic Systems

This course covers the fundamental aspects of kinetics, mass-transport, and fluid physics relevant to microfluidic systems. It also provides an understanding of how new technologies are invented and translated into practice. Students work together to design microfluidic systems that address challenges in global health, and are encouraged and helped to develop their inventions further by working with OTT and entrepreneurial resources on campus.

EE 150: Digital Ventures Design
Digital media, commerce, gaming, socialization, and productivity solutions are essential components of everyday life. This course aims to offer the scientific foundations of the analysis, design, development, and operation of innovative digital services and to shed light on the elements of their successes and failures. The course also provides the experience of combined team-based design, engineering, and entrepreneurship.

Check the Caltech Catalog for more information on these courses.