• Sixteen panels with four aggregates of marine microorganisms collected at a natural methane seep off the coast of northern California. The microorganisms live in sediment saturated with methane and devoid of oxygen and light.
    Credit: Anne Dekas

Strategic Research Partnerships

Caltech's OTTCP is interested in establishing mutually beneficial research partnerships with a select number of corporations. Although the collaboration may start at a small scale, the goal is to grow the partnership to a larger scale and become a full-scale strategic partnership within a few years. Caltech's nimble and low-bureaucracy structure fosters dynamically evolving partnerships in which common sense prevails over rules and policies. Caltech welcomes creative thinking in designing innovative partnerships and affords a flexibility that few academic institutions can match.

A Master Agreement is negotiated upfront to govern the partnership. The agreement will be multi-dimensional and can include sponsored research, gifts, and student support. Terms and conditions are negotiated once so that every time a new research project is initiated, no additional negotiation is needed (other than defining a scope of work for the project). 

Under the general terms of the Master Agreement, Caltech and the corporate partner work together to identify areas of research of mutual interest and a lead faculty member for each area. The lead faculty member then works closely with the corporate partner to develop a statement of work for the project. Caltech and the corporate partner can then engage in a variety of collaborative research projects simultaneously led by different faculty members.

To learn more, fill out our Corporate Engagement Survey or contact a member of the Corporate Partnerships team