• Credit: Janna Nawroth

Working with OTTCP

The Office of Technology Transfer and Corporate Partnerships (OTTCP) team is committed to having every invention and discovery from our researchers reach its full potential. Our mission is to maximize the impact of Caltech and JPL's research, innovations, and inventions on society.

Services provided by OTTCP include:


Always feel free to contact your OTTCP representative with questions or concerns. Some common situations that may require our help are listed here.

I have received a licensing inquiry.
If you have received a licensing inquiry, contact your OTTCP representative or ask the interested party to contact OTTCP.

I've been asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
If you have been asked to sign an NDA, contact your OTTCP representative for review and signature.

A potential industrial funder of my research has contacted me.
If a company would like to sponsor research into your lab, please contact OTTCP. We will work with the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) to put in place an agreement. If the sponsor is not a company, please contact OSR directly.

I have ideas for companies that Caltech should be working with.
If you have contacts at a company and think it would benefit Caltech to collaborate with them, or if you have certain companies you'd like to work with, please contact one of the corporate partners staff of OTTCP.

I've come up with something in my lab that I think might be patentable and of commercial interest.
If you have an invention, please fill out an invention disclosure form.

I would like to start a company.
For information on starting a company please visit our "Startup Process" page, and contact a member of OTTCP.

I would like to send or receive materials.
If you are going to send materials from your lab or receive materials into your lab you will need a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

If you aren't sure whom to contact or not sure who your OTTCP representative is please contact Stephanie Fry.