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Shayna Chabner McKinney
Caltech professors share their thoughts and experiences on creating new technologies and methods that have changed our world.
Lori Dajose
Professors Frances Arnold, David Baltimore, Carver Mead, and Axel Scherer have been named fellows of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI).

Caltech investigators on the forefront of research are typically driven first by discovery, but when commercial opportunities present themselves, they quickly take advantage of them.

If you could bake a chocolate cake without baking soda, sugar, and a few other ingredients and have it come out perfectly after only five minutes in the oven, then you'd have some idea of what Materia Inc. is about. Instead of food ingredients, however, its focus is on catalysts.

One goal of modern, personalized medicine is to find signs of diseases early enough to treat them before they rage out of control.

An inexpensive, portable, easy-to-use device built by a team of Caltech engineers and biologists promises to speed the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS and other diseases—and improve treatment—in even the most far-flung corners of the world.
After Frances Arnold finished a talk on a method to build new biological systems or improve existing ones using man-made DNA or other synthesized molecules, she was asked what she would do with it. "I said that I'd like to solve the energy crisis."
For much of his research career, Ray Deshaies, Caltech professor of biology, has been interested in what he calls the cellular garbage disposal system of the body.

A Caltech imaging innovation will ease your trip to the dentist and may soon energize home entertainment systems too.

Douglas Smith
Caltech's Axel Schere is miniaturizing medical equipment (without benefit of a shrink ray). He'll tell us how to make a sensor small enough to be injected into an artery.
Michael Rogers
U.S. Venture Partners, founded in 1981 by William K. Bowes, Jr., has helped launch more than 420 companies spanning a wide range of industries. It has provided funds for several Caltech start-ups.
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