Tunable Resonator-Based Devices for Producing Variable Delays and Narrow Spectral Linewidths

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April 04, 2006
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Anatoliy A. Savchenkov
Lutfollah Maleki
Andrey B. Matsko
Vladimir S. Iltchenko
Devices with two or more coupled resonators to produce narrow spectral responses due to interference of signals that transmit through the resonators and techniques for operating such devices to achieve certain operating characteristics are described. The devices may be optical devices where optical resonators such as whispering gallery mode resonators may be used. In one implementation, at least one of the coupled optical resonators is a tunable resonator and is tuned to change its resonance frequency to tune the spectral response of the device. The described devices and techniques may be applied in optical filters, optical delays, optical waveform generators, and other applications.